I picked up Theo from Woodland Aussies one month before I was packing up my life to start travel nursing. Mandy was so supportive not only before I picked up Theo but all the way until now, three years later. She’s responsive to questions and always there to help when I need, even with our very different and ever changing living situations. He was 12 weeks old when we hit the road and I was blown away by his adaptability. We moved every three months during my travel nursing career. He lived in Iowa, Arizona, North Carolina, Michigan and we’ve finally settled permanently in Ohio where we met Theo’s dad! He’s lived in houses with large yards, and he’s lived in small apartments, he’s hiked in more states than I have kept track of. From the cross country car rides, to 9 mile hikes in the mountains, to swimming in the ocean, to accompanying me (now us) for every patio beer in every restaurant that allows him, to relaxing and unwinding in our home, I couldn’t have asked for a better dog. He’s playful, he’s loving, he’s so well behaved, he’s curious and energetic but sweet and obedient. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Woodland Aussies for anyone looking for a furry family member.

(From several years ago…) Brought home my little baby yesterday!  Mandy sent me pictures and called Theo by name until I could pick up my little guy, and her and her family took such good care of him!  You can tell her whole family has a love for the pups and what they do, felt so good knowing he came from a loving and caring place!  Thank you, Mandy and family!

-Rachael L., Ohio

After talking to Mandy I knew right away she was the right breeder for us. Mandy was available any time I had questions and gave us updates after the puppies were born. Even though we had to wait 5 months it was so worth waiting for our Mini Aussiedoodle. I would do it again, and recommend it’s worth the wait. Woodland Aussies take exceptional care of their dogs with quality food and conditioning the puppies so they are adaptable when they come home and for a lifetime. They have a beautiful clean home and you can tell all the dogs are a part of the family. Piper has done so well with her training and adjusting to our home. I can not recommend them (and the breed ) enough!

-Janelle T., Michigan

I purchased my Aussie pup, Luna from Woodland Aussies in March and I couldn’t be happier with her or the experience I had! You can tell right from the beginning that the family is super passionate about what they do and the dogs they raise. They want the very best for the dogs and want to make sure they are going to the best home! They even began teaching Luna some commands before I picked her up. Luna has been such a great addition to my life and we do EVERYTHING together. I highly recommend getting yourself a pup from Woodland Aussies! When I’m ready for another dog, I know I’ll be coming back!

-Maria B., Michigan

My search for Annie began over 3 years ago, but I never had any luck finding the right breeder.  Some only seemed to care about the money and some just never got back to me.  I had practically stopped looking, until one day I was leaving work and right outside was one of the most beautiful Aussies I had ever seen!  After lots of gushing about how handsome he was, I asked the owner where she got him and she gave me Mandy’s info.

When I spoke with Mandy I could really get a sense that she cares very much for her puppies.  She was patient and happy to answer every question I had and made me feel comfortable about choosing Woodland Aussies.  This was not a commitment that I was taking lightly, so it really had to feel like the perfect fit.  I was amazed at the level of attention that her puppies receive, and how she gets them prepared for their forever homes.

The first time I saw Annie I knew that she was going to be my perfect adventure buddy, but the night she arrived was surreal.  My new best friend was finally home!  Now, after 6 months of her being a reality, I can honestly say that my patience paid off.  Her temperament is just perfect.  She has no “resource guarding” or aggression, is highly intelligent, loves every dog and person she meets and is the sweetest pup I could have ever imagined!

I can’t thank Mandy and her family enough for raising such beautiful puppies.  I get stopped every day and told how pretty Annie is.  Thanks to her, I get outside and socialize a lot more than I used to.  It’s amazing how much she’s already changed my life and I can’t wait to see what the future has in store!

-Darryl H., California

Me and my wife are so happy that we found Woodland Aussies when we did.  Their commitment to their animals is remarkable and their dogs are well socialized and wonderful all together.  And the family is so friendly and loving towards themselves and their animals.  We got Leif (Bud) and we could not be happier.  He is such a bundle of energy and fun! Thank you!

-Tommi V.

We got Toshi on June 26th and he is absolutely the most sweetest baby ever.  He was very calm and playful.  He already knew how to sit when we took him home.  He’s already learned commands in just a few days, He’s very smart!  He is so wonderfully socialized thanks to their wonderful family.  He wasn’t afraid of car rides, being brushed, getting baths, and having his paws touched.  They work with their dogs a lot and it really shows.  It also really shows how much they care for their dogs and how much hands on time they spend with them.  I couldn’t have asked for a better pup.  They keep up to day/in touch with their dogs they send to their forever homes which also shows how much they care.  If you need anything they are always quick to answer.  If you’re in the market for a wonderful Aussie, look no further!

-Natalie L.

Phenomenal experience! Mandy, Justin and their awesome family take great care of their pups.  Beautiful clean home, wonderful children and awesome Aussies!  We thoroughly enjoyed our time there today and are looking forward to returning!

-Michael P.

WE absolutely love our pup!  Mandy is an excellent breeder and has followed up with us multiple times after she came home with us to see how she’s doing.  You can tell each puppy receives so much love & care before being adopted.  It was worth the 3.5 hour drive from Metro Detroit for a Woodland Aussie!  Thank you so much to Mandy & family.  Maybe we’ll be back for another one. 😉

-Kaitlyn L.

Me and my wife are so happy that we found Woodland Aussies when we did.  Their commitment to their animals is remarkable and their dogs are well socialized and wonderful all together.  And the family is so friendly and loving towards themselves and their animals.  We got Leif (Bud) and we could not be happier.  He is such a bundle of energy and fun!  Thank you!

-Tommi V.

We are in love with our Sirona! We picked up a puppy in June 2017 at 12 weeks old.  She has exceeded our expectations!  She’s sweet, obedient, friendly with out other pet and children, and very smart. We’ve had her over a month now and she’s learned so much!  The extra time this loving active family spend on these puppies is obvious. She is absolutely wonderful!!  Thank you Mandy!

-Michelle T.

Such a great breeder of amazing Aussies, we love our newest addition.  Their puppies are well cared for with lots of love and personal attention.

-Lorie A.

They take amazing care of their pups from the day they are born to the day you pick them up.  Each pup receives love and care from their amazing family and it shows!

-Brion A.

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