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In this moment in time…

“Woodland Aussies and Doodles” is our family and our home. Period. We are located in the beautiful countryside of Northern Michigan. Here our home resides in heart of 15 rolling acres where our dogs have ample room to run and play- and come in and out of our home freely throughout the day. Each one of our dogs is a welcomed and incredibly loved member of our family.

Every day we gladly pour love, time, and attention into each our dogs. In return, we receive a double portion of love and companionship back. It’s this sort of experience that our family at Woodland Aussies and Doodles wants each of you and your new “best friend” to receive. A complete loving and caring experience. And that is why we do what we do.

We believe that healthy puppies come from healthy dogs. Before our puppies are even conceived, we are preparing them for their future homes and families. We do this by not only loving and caring for our dogs individually, but we also take a great interest in our dogs health, as well.

While no one can totally predict the future of any pet, by having our dogs interact with us constantly, we can easily pick up even the smallest of concerns, should they arise. We are dedicated to being hypervigilant in really “knowing” our dogs all the way from their health to their happiness. 

We also believe that through genetic testing many sad and devastating diseases are avoided. In doing genetic testing, not only can we have the confidence and peace of mind that our dogs and puppies are as healthy as can be, but we hope it also gives each family that same kind of reassurance.

Once our puppies are born, they get endless love, care, training, and attention from their very first moments. From that time on, we teaching them what it feels like to be in a loving and caring home and family. We are constantly exposing them to new experiences and sounds and showering them with puppy snuggles and smooches.

As our puppies grow and thrive in our home, they experience tons of socialization with our children and other animals. They get several car rides and vet check ups. They get bathed and groomed regularly. They get to enjoy lots of indoor and outdoor play during the day, followed up by snuggling in to their cozy spots in our home to sleep at night. They also receive ample amounts of toys and stimulating training along the way, as well.

Much training is given to each puppy in an effort to create a super tolerant puppy and future adult dog. We are also dedicated to preparing them for an easy transition from our home to yours. This training includes laying a solid foundation towards potty training and crate training, in addition to basic commands, such as: “here”,  “sit”,  and “stay”.*

As each puppy and family anticipates the day their puppy can be picked up and taken to their forever home, we update our families with high quality pictures of each puppies often. Many pictures and videos are posted to our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well, so that everyone can see and enjoy their puppy at all their ages and stages of growth and development. (Psst… and many times, we send individual sneak peeks of your puppy to you personally). 😉

At 8 weeks of age, the day finally arrives that you can come and get your new best friend. You will be able to choose the best day for you from 3 separate Puppy Day pick up days. Each family and puppy gets a 1.5-hour time slot on Puppy Day. We want each family to feel un-rushed and totally relaxed and make the day a memorable one. (After all, it’s not every day someone gains a new family member!! 🙂 )  We truly want you to know us and be comfortable with our family and the roots of where your puppy came from.  And we want to get to know you better, too. 

During Puppy Day, we will review paperwork, training tips, the puppies daily feeding and activity schedule, and anything else we think would be helpful for you to know about your puppy in particular. It’s also the perfect time to ask any extra questions you may have. **

After your puppy goes home, you are still NOT alone. We joking, but seriously, say, “We are forever yours, faithfully”. We are committed to a lifetime of support of you and your newest family member. We want the very best for everyone involved, so our support to you continues for a lifetime. After all, what is family for?? 🙂

And that’s the “skinny” and a bit of who we are and how we roll around here.

*For more information about our Advanced Puppy Training program, you’re invited to jump on over here to check it out. (You will need to have our personal pass-code to enter this page).

** For more detailed information about us and our program, your invited to visit our FAQ page. Click here to check it out!  (COMING SOON!)  In the meantime, feel free to check out these cute Woodland VIDEOS BELOW. 😉

*What makes us different?

Science proves that in the first few weeks of of a puppy’s life, early stimulation to a wide variety of experiences creates a healthier, happier, smarter, and more tolerant puppy, and ultimately, dog later in life. Studies have shown that dogs created in this kind of loving and enriching environment have less risks of behavioral issues, aggression, and co-dependency later on in life.  Not only is that important for our puppies being raised, but it’s also a top priority for us to give to you and your family. And that’s why we do what we do. 

  • Family– Our dogs and puppies live inside our home with us. It’s where we want them.  They are family to us, and we would be heartbroken to have it any other way.  
  • Loved– Our puppies are touched and snuggled from the second they are born until the time they go to their forever homes.  We can’t help but love and bond with them. I often say that I send a piece of my heart out the door with each and every puppy. And it honestly does feel just like that.
  • Biosensor Therapy/Early Neurological Stimulation Training– This is started in the first few days following birth- as the puppies grow, this includes introducing them to a variety of sounds, textures, scents, and experiences that enrich them and encourage them to develop strong bodies and brains.
  • Puppy Socialization– Our puppies get tons of exposure to our children, teens, adults, grandparents, extended family and friends, dogs, cats, and occasionally our hedge hog or hermit crab.  🙂  I honestly couldn’t keep my kids away from them, if I tried. 
  • Play Training– This is time spent with tunnels, toddler play equipment, puppy toys, stuffies, lots of supervised outdoor space, and of course, lot of play with all of us hoomans, too. 😉
  • Aquatic Conditioning– This is an introduction to water play in kittie pools and shallow containers where puppies can safely learn that water is fun and not scary. 
  • Grooming and Bathing Conditioning– Our puppies, on average, get bathed and groomed every 2-3 weeks- this includes gently and carefully exposing them to bathing, nail cutting, blow dryers, etc. 
  • Command Training– We start working with our puppies early on to follow commands, such as: here, sit, down, stay, heel, and occasionally, spin. Smart little things often have several of them down pat by the time they leave our home.  They truly make our job easy. 
  • Daily Skills Conditioning Inside Conditioning– This includes exposure to: car rides, vet check ups, and household noises (washers and dryers, vacuums, door bells, TV, radio, meal prep sounds, etc).  Outside Conditioning– This includes exposure to: vehicle and traffic noises, new textures- (such as grass, deck boards, cement, gravel, and sand), kittie pools -when weather permits, bird sounds, sunshine, snow, etc.


In Brief, our dogs and puppies enjoy:

  • Family- in our home with us
  • Love- loved from the moment born and forever
  • Early Neurological Stimulation Training- creates a smarter, healthier, more tolerant dog
  • Puppy Socialization- encourages confidence in new settings
  • Play Training- part of puppy socialization and stimulation
  • Aquatic Conditioning-helps puppies feel secure in different types of water play
  • Grooming and Bathing Conditioning- because we want them clean and happy
  • Command Training- they are so smart, we can’t help but teach them at least the basics
  • Daily Skill Conditioning- car rides, vacuums, household noises become no problem early on
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